Bitflection specializes in utilizing current and near future technological solutions to support and transform
federal, state, and commercial markets.
Our Focus
Public and private distributed ledger technologies are poised to disrupt nearly every sector; from transportation to medical, government to gaming; our focus is to identify, educate, and transform.
Our focus on cutting edge technology has led us to Hedera Hashgraph. This platform is the evolution of DLTs and is the first that is truly capable of operating at scale. In the coming years, we are very excited to build the next generation of dapps on this next generation platform.
We know that blockchain is more than cryptocurrency and stand ready to work with new and existing solutions that are backed by dapps and smart contracts to help you transform your industry.
In today's business environment, having an on premises technology infrastructure is akin to running a race while wearing lead weights. We are experts in cloud infrastructures, and all of our products and services leverage the cloud.
The internet is still the fastest means to reach the largest global audience. Our focus is on building RESTful APIs to provide core functionality, utilizing Progressive Web App standards for platform integrated apps, and creating modern responsive web apps that work on any platform.
Users access web content through mobile devices more than any other platform. We make use of proven, modern frameworks that enable developing native mobile applications written in a single language, in a unified codebase, that deploy to both Android and iOS.
Our Services
We know that the world is undergoing a continual technological revolution. Distributed Ledger Technologies, Cloud Computing, AI, and soon Quantum Computing are driving deep transformations across all business sectors. Part of our passion at Bitflection comes from our continual desire to identify, understand, and work with these emerging technologies.

We believe that providing thought leadership, sharing information, mentoring, and communicating this knowledge is paramount, and we offer a variety of media and training services.
Our publicly available SDKs and APIs can speed-up your development cycles, help reduce your costs, and decrease your overall solution complexity.

We also provide full and contractual product development services that leverage Agile software development methodologies and modern DevOps.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our consulting approach starts by working with you to identify and understand the key characteristics that drive your business. We then conduct a thorough review of your existing platforms and offerings.

Using this data, we apply our expertise in emerging tech to identify the platforms and technologies that will reduce costs, increase agility, and drive growth and innovation for your company.

We then work directly with you to select the right technologies, and define a clear road map for integration. We develop and provide a detailed plan and supporting documentation so your company can successfully adopt a change management process to incorporate these leading technologies.

We also offer our services to assist directly with integrating these new tools and technologies, as well as provide necessary training to employees.
Our Platforms and Partners
Our strategic partnerships with sector leaders and top-tier platforms help drive our continued success.
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